Secure Checkout Statement

When placing an order through our website, your personal information is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts your data. Your payment information is transmitted through a secure and encrypted gateway directly to PayPal for processing. Your payment information is not stored on our servers at any time.

PCI Compliance

PCI (which stands for Payment Card Industry) is an organization comprised of nearly all of the major credit card issuing companies - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. In order for any company, anywhere in the world, to accept credit cards issued by those companies, the merchant must comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). To be in compliance with the PCI DSS, companies must meet all of the requirements involved which helps to insure that merchants are doing their part to protect their customers' payment information. LPT Systems is in full compliance with the PCI DSS, as determined by independent PCI compliance vendor Security Metrics.

SSL Encryption

The transmission of data on is encrypted using an SSL certificate provided by GlobalSign ( GlobalSign is an independent, third-party company engaged in the development of digital trust. GlobalSign provides authentication of Internet services, digital identity and intellectual property. By clicking on the GlobalSign logo (located in the footer on this website, as well as in the Shopping Cart and the Checkout sections of this website), the GlobalSign website will serve up a web page that confirms that LPT Systems is "GlobalSign Authenticated."

Protect Yourself

While we do as much as we can to protect your data, the internet is not completely secure. Furthermore, you must use caution when using the internet, especially when your activity involves the use of sensitive information such as credit card numbers. One of the biggest, most forgotten, security threats on the internet is your own computer. You must take an active role in protecting your own computer(s) and your home network. When using a public network, such as at a restaurant, please remember that the network is not secure and all data transmitted over that network can be seen by others. Also, you should always use a different password for every website that you save personal information on and you should be careful with the security of your passwords - do not write them down (try a password storage program such as LastPass to manage your passwords), do not share your login information with other people, do not login to websites that contain sensitive personal information while on a public network, and so on. Most websites use your email address as a username, so instead of using your primary email address that you use for everything, try creating another one that you use solely for the purpose of creating online accounts. That won't fully protect you, but it will make it much harder for hackers to guess your username, and the more work you make them have to do, the less likely they will even bother trying to hack your accounts.

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